This happened to all fan artists, right? Otherwise, excuse me while I flail.

This happened to all fan artists, right? Otherwise, excuse me while I flail.

I can’t believe people are losing their shit over a perfectly good service while

  1. Tumblr is free.
  2. Tumblr has design updates all the time.
  3. Tumblr is still led by the Tumblr team.
  4. It’s not Yahoo’s decision.
  5. It’s really stupid to think this is all on Yahoo.

Stop acting like teens, even though most of you are teens. Other than that…. I still love you. Just please use brains. Thank you. xxxxx

Ps. It’s logical to put it at the bottom, after all, don’t you have to read posts BEFORE you reblog? If anything, it gives you time to contemplate ALL THE AWESOME CONTENT and you won’t have to scroll back up.

The moment you enter a new fandom and suddenly everything on your dash is that fandom even though you didn’t follow any new people.

I think tumblr should mention the tags with reblogs

Because they’re like, the best part!

Like: SoAndSo reblogged your Photo and tagged it : #this is adorable #if you think dead mice are cute

Does anyone want to make me a theme?

I’d do it myself but I caaaan’t. I’ll make a painting for you if you do. Usually I’d just pay you. But I can’t. Feel free to forward this if you know any theme designers that’d be interested.

I want something clean and simple and highres with an awesome header bit. I can’t think of anything I like, myself though. I’m an artist, not a designer. :( Even though I did design at some point. Sometimes I don’t suck. But for myself, I do.

Tumblah, y u no listen?

If someone replies to my question publicly, can you please send me a notiffication? I’m sure it’s not hard to put that in the ask box. 

Just write a database query

If (public)



display: on;


That’s not how you write batabase queries, I’m aware. I wrote database queries in university. This is more like a crossover between database queries and CSS. Just because I can.