USA, are you ready for me?

Agghhh I’m so nervy and excited!

Went to renew my visa for my US trip, only to realise


4 weeks until my Boston / New York trip!


All good things…

You realise ten days equals nothing as soon as you reach the last day of your stay in sunny (also windy) California.

Days here have been great, you’ve seen a lot, experienced a lot, opened a few windows of opportunity, but it never really feels like it’s enough.

You know you can’t get any happier when you’re eating rainbow vanilla cake, until you have this wonderful conversation about your art with these wonderful people who say they’ll try to introduce you to some headhunters in New York who can possibly help you get a few bigger art commissions.

And then you joke some about Jesse Eisenberg being your client because you gave a painting you did of Jesse to his cousin who will give it to his family at their family reunion in July. And then people tell you you don’t have to joke because this is actually the case.

You’ll find yourself daydreaming about San Francisco, the beautiful houses, the lovely cafes and the bars, the people, the hospitality that maybe you didn’t expect.  

And then you realise you have to leave in the morning, that you’ll be leaving behind all the opportunities, all the people and all the all around loveliness and trade it all in for your day job, your hard work at home… and that you won’t be back for a while…

Faye’s Cali adventure

Sorry guys, I’m still on holiday, but now that I have a little bit of free time I can tell you a little bit about whats been going on here in California. Mostly, this holiday has been about meeting people.

First of all my lovely family: I’m staying up in Manteca on my second cousin once removed’s farm. They have a great Dane named Cooper that is as big as a horse but as sweet as a sugar cube. The farm is amazing. I met loads of new family members over the first weekend I was here.

Monday was spent in San Francisco, first touring around in the car, then going up to Martunis Martini and Piano bar, where my third cousin Ben is a regular. Apparently, this is where all the San Francisco based theatre people come to sing onb their night off, so that was awesome. Ben produces theatre, but he’s also a professional photographer, has an uncle who works for Disney and has a great set of pipes himself! Oh my god!

Here, I also met up with my friend Eric, who brought another friend, Dave, and we drankl a cocktail or two. Hee hee. I brought him my painting of Jesse, and apparently it’ll make it’s way to his family during their family reunion. Eek. I’m excited, but also a teeny bit embarrassed. After he showered me with compliments and encouraged me to do something more with my art, they had to go. Eric was a true gentleman and paid for all of our drinks and gave me a big big hug.

I really fell in love with the city and it’s people that day… Mmmm. If only I dared to dream big.

Other highlights of the trip include going up to Oakland to see Ben’s studio, where he showed me all his awesome photography. And the original Beauty and the Beast art he has. I mean… really? Not fair.

I’ve also seen the Giants (they lost), went up to Newcastle… and met about 50 family members.

Any details, go ahead and ask. 

California trip checklist

  • plug adapters - check
  • photo and video camera - check
  • extra batteries - check
  • plenty of music on my ipod - check
  • book - check
  • gifts for the family - check
  • Jesse Eisenberg painting on canvas -check
  • note to Jesse Eisenberg’s mom - check
  • note to Jesse Eisenberg - check
  • anti jetlag ideas - check
  • wardrobe - NOT CHECK

Soooon, oh the excitement.

faye’s US Itinerary

Itinerary: (help me fill in the blanks?)

20 may: get to San Francisco at 11:50 am

21 may: nothing

22 may: meet Faye family day, I think, renamed to Verkerk Family Open House & Picnic

23 may: after 9:30 pm in SF at the piano bar Martunis

24 may: nothing (possibly: visiting mom’s childhood sweetheart in the afternoon (LOL))

25 may: a day out in Oakland, some good food, maybe spirit tasting in Alameda

26 may: Giants game in SF in the evening

27 may: nothing ( (possibly: visiting mom’s childhood sweetheart in the afternoon (LOL))

28 may: nothing

29 may: nothing

30 may: home! NOOOO!

California update

So I am not going to Disneyland. I had kind of warmed up to the idea that it was a once in a lifetime experience despite how freaking expensive it is, after you guys had gotten me all excited, but alas.

I’ve had a bit of bad luck getting a decent mortgage on my new house and as a result I’ll have to loan money from my parents and thus my mom, who had really set up the entirely Disney thing in the first place, knowing how much I love Disney, told me we can’t afford it. So no Disneyland for Faye.

So guys, I need other things to do in California. I suck at planning so you guys need to tell me when to go where. The weekend after we get there on the 20th of May is booked, but that still leaves seven days to something else. One of those days will have to be spent on a bus tour through San Francisco. I leave on the 30th. Help?

California Dreaming


California Dreaming

2011 is the year that I’ll be visiting the US; more specifically the state of California. The end of May, I’ll be visiting family together with my mom. They live in Manteca, and from what I’ve been told, it’s about two hours away from San Francisco. I’ve never met my family there, and I’m never been to the US, for that matter.

I will of course be going to San Francisco and take one of those bus-tours to see the city, but other than that I have no idea what to do or where to go. I’d like your help. Do you guys have any tips on where to go, where to get coffee and what to see? If you want to be my guide for a day, or just write me a guidebook with maps and pictures and a mix-cd, you would be awesomely welcome to.

I’m REALLY into music, like cultural, authentic things, love to talk to people with interesting stories (in fact, I’d love to meet new people), love cozy bars, good coffee, musicals, theatre… I’m not big on things that make you tired or that require lots of walking. I do enjoy being out in the sun if the weather’s good. But mostly, I like cozy indoorsy things.

Hopefully, that helps.