Oh, here’s an interesting thought. Who should I draw first in the new year?

Suggestions in the replies/answers, please!

500 likes on Facebook?

Hey guys, I know Tumblr is like the anti-Facebook for most of you, but do you guys wanna take a challenge and help me get to 500 likes by New Year’s?

I currently have 436 likes, so that is only, what… my math really sucks, 64?

Tell you what, if I make it to 500 likes by New Year’s, I’ll do another animation, and just as my Blaine animation, Tumblr gets the big premiere.

Deal? Please? Here’s my FACEBOOK PAGE.

It’ll open in a new window, so don’t worry, Tumblr won’t vanish.

You in?

What you can do is share my page, reblog this post, or share the actual stuff that is ON my page. <3