When I get sad. There’s this. And then I feel a little better.

I actually met and talked to Jesse twice. I also met Justin Bartha (who is the loveliest person ever and spent over 10 minutes just looking at my art) and was too polite to meet Justin Long who was also there that night but was not working so I didn’t want to bother him (plus I hadn’t drawn him so I had nothing to give him or make him sign).

These are pretty old, but thought I might as well participate in the #starkidfart thing :) Joey and Darren, done in 2011, I think. Time for new ones? :)

The people who’ve seen their art

This. Because. Remember?Also, Keira Knightley.

This. Because. Remember?

Also, Keira Knightley.

My art book is for sale, 24 pages full of full colour artprints! The book is 7”x7” and includes some of my most popular paintings from the last few years!!!

(with portraits of Darren Criss, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and many others!)

((the video is actually a preview widget))

The painting that Joey Richter signed.

The painting that Joey Richter signed.

My art signed by Darren Criss and Joey Richter.

Meeting Team Starkid and Darren Criss

So, that was lucky. I really didn’t think that I could get any luckier than getting two of my paintings signed on this trip. But apparently I can.

I remember looking into Starkid Space Tour dates before I went here and then thinking it would be sold out. Funnily enough I got tickets on Thanksgiving Day, for the next day’s evening show in Boston at the House of Blues.

So I went to the show, which was awesome even though I might have lost my hearing because of all the screaming fangirls. I get it, but it was really hard for me to hear what they were saying on stage sometimes. And my poor eardrums. :P It was like being at a Beatles concert or something.

After the show there was a big security thing going on near the tour bus where the Starkids were supposed to come outside. I guess it was all kinds of crazy partly because Darren was there. Policemen were trying to keep people off the street away from the bus (there were cars driving through so I guess they were right in doing that). There were fences near the bus too. Eventually, they closed the gates to the back door and the somewhat moody policemen sort of told everyone to go home. They weren’t coming out there. I had my art book out on my lap because I’d been talking to some of the fans and street team members there, but everyone sort of just left because there was no chance of seeing them.

I hung around next door at the outside of a club for a while, getting eyed by policemen but I guess because I just hung back they didn’t mind me being there and they couldn’t really kick me out because I wasn’t in the House of Blues parameter. Most people left, and eventually so did the police, and my friend Mary and I edged back to the tour bus where we saw the Tourbus driver Don who’d sung a song on stage. We talked to him and showed him my art. He said be right back to us and then later called us in and said: you’re my cousins, as a joke and let us back into the venue. Apparently the police didn’t want any of the Starkids to go outside and sign anything.

That’s when Dylan walked up to us. He was the sweetest. I have to say, all of the Starkids are fantastic. So humble and generous. We talked for a bit and he said the others were all showering so we waited in the lobby for a bit and then Dylan came back, being intensely cute: “Come on back, there’s someone you should meet.”  

Anyway, went backstage, and Darren was there, first, so he came up and hugged me, aww. I asked him to sign my art and he said he’d seen it (guess it’s impossible not to as I’ve spammed it everywhere) and he signed my two paintings of him. Meredith came over too and boy, she’s lovely. I kind of wish I’d had a chance to draw all of them! Soonnnn. Brian came out to see what the fuss was about and they all seemed genuinely impressed. That’s the thing that gets to me most. Everyone I admire is so impressed with me. 

I think Darren texted Joey at that point because I’d done a painting of him, too, and I think maybe Dylan went to get him because not much later he literally came running. He was so exuberant and excited. And in awe. It was like being in Wonderland for me because you don’t expect people who are clearly so talented to be impressed with what you’ve done. I got hugged and kissed on the cheek quite a lot by Joey and he wrote the sweetest thing in my art book. Then luckily my friend reminded me of my camera and I took a picture with Joey and his picture, haha. Then Darren said he wanted one too. It’s so easy being a Starkid fan. They made me feel very special.

By this point Lauren had gotten over to us, too, and once again gave me the “You DREW this?” response that I’ve been hearing so much it just makes me blush. We took some more pics and then some with Joe who’d also come out. And he’s a true Bostonian. Haha. Lovely. Then we said good night. It was lovely. Thank you, Starkids <3. 

This happened.

Gonna see the Starkid Space Tour at 8pm in Boston tomorrow

Anyone wanna help me get my art signed by Joey and Darren? Please?

Like, if anyone has a vip ticket and would do me the favor of getting it signed for me…

Going to see them last minute, so…


My art book.

Oh yea, guys, I try to make art for a living, see all the people that aren’t actors? I do stuff like that for people. It makes a great great Christmas present. Feel free to commission me or share it with someone you think wants to…

My art book.

A little love for Joey, guys :)

A little love for Joey, guys :)

Here&#8217;s a painting of Joey Richter that I made for my friend Sam because although I think Joey is totally awesome, she has dibs on thinking him more totally awesome!

Here’s a painting of Joey Richter that I made for my friend Sam because although I think Joey is totally awesome, she has dibs on thinking him more totally awesome!