I didn't know you we're in a wheel chair. you are so confident and amazing with your art that some disability can't put ou down


Haha. Thank you. I don’t always feel so confident, though. Art is kind of my escape, but it’s hard to be confident in anything. It’s kind of why I try to do impossible things so often, because when I do manage those, I can feel the slightest tingle of confidence. For art, it’s giving the people I painted, their portrait. There isn’t a better feeling in the world than that, for me.

Hi there!! My name is kk and i live on the northeast coast. I just wanted to say that i found your art today and oh my g o d is it beautiful!!! I absolutely love it♥ I'm still in high school, but i'm an aspiring artist, and your art is just inspirational. It's so cool that you actually got to meet jesse too, he's essentially my role model and inspiration and i'd just love to meet him and hopefully show him my art someday too! I just wanted to drop by and say how amazing your art is! Thanks! :)


Aw, thank you so much! :) Meeting Jesse was nice and awkward both times, though the second time was considerably less awkward than the first, I suppose. I try to meet everyone I paint, and it’s super nice to do, but also super hard! Haha. I love a good challenge though.

Love in my askbox. Go!


More art coming soon!

Sorry guys! I have some issues with my health, so I haven’t been posting much new art (or making it), but I’ll try to get back on the case. In the mean time, feel free to tell me something about yourself or ask me questions or say hello in my askbox. Anon or not, all is appreciated.