A Vantage Point of Asses, chapter 1

This is not necessarily the final version of the first chapter but It should give you an indication of my writing:

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Other professions you might have chosen

If you’re still studying, don’t worry, just write down your top 5 professions. There can only be 5. Oh yea, reblog ;).

What are you now? (If student, leave blank)

Community manager

What would you want to be if not that?

  1. Journalist/Author
    I have this very romantic idea about sitting in coffeeshops or bars with live music with my notepad and scribbling away into oblivion. And in airports. And just whilst walking on the street.
  2. Band Merch artist/Movie poster designer
    Yea, actually something that is still in my extended list of maybe I’ll actually do this one day. I paint. And how lovely would it be to do that for bands and or movie-productions.
  3. Animator
    2D animation for Disney! (with possible side-trips to Dreamworks.) Or concept artist for Pixar and or afore mentioned studios.
  4. Fashion designer
    Yes. Yes. I’d bring the 60s back. And the 30s and 40s. But just the cool stuff.
  5. Photographer
    I’d take shots in black in white in parks and of couples. And in the city. I’d document life as I wish it were.