A day in the life of Faye

  • Here's how a day in my life goes when it comes to painting...
  • Before work: Oh man! I'm gonna do so much painting later today! Oh man Oh man!
  • During work: I cannot freaking wait, it's going to be so awesome!
  • After work on the way home: Almost there!!!
  • Home: Yay painting! Oh! Cuppa tea first!
  • Still home: Oooo Tumblr. Oooo Facebook.
  • A little later: Gotta pee! Too much tea!
  • Five minutes after: I'm starving!
  • Ten minutes after: Ok, maybe I should make dinner and THEN I'll paint.
  • Twenty minutes later: Omnomnomnom.
  • After dinner: Ugh so full.
  • Still after dinner: Ok, I'll paint in an hour.
  • An hour later: Ooo, new episode of Revenge!
  • After Revenge: Ooooo so much stuff on Tumblr!
  • After midnight: Ok! Let's paint.
  • 1 AM: Shit! Is it that time?
  • Five minutes later: But painting.
  • Five minutes later: ZzzzZZzzz.

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