Since I’m having an honest -share personal things with you- day, let me tell you about my disability.

Some of you know this, others don’t: I’m physically disabled.

I was born on September 30th, 1987, a full 12 weeks before I was supposed to be born. Premature birth was more common in the 80s for children born out of IVF.

My lungs were barely fully developed as I was still very small so I was ventilated. At some point on my first day, my lung collapsed and the pressure on my brain increased, causing me to have a hemorrhage, which did some serious damage.

I have, since that day, had cerebral palsy. For me, this means a left sided spasm (the entire left side of my body is affected) and even some traces of it in the right side of my body (like fine motor-function). Most people, when they think of spasm, think of involuntary flailing of limbs. This is not the case for me, but there is constant tension in my body and I can’t control the movements I make as precisely as I want.

So I walk funny. As a child there was never much of a problem with energy, but by the time I was sixteen, I needed a wheelchair for long distance trips. Now, when I walk, it’s with a walker. Getting older - and lack of exercise of those muscles that I can’t use - has made things a lot worse. I can’t walk without my orthopedic shoes without holding on to something anymore. My energy is drained MUCH faster than it used to be.

Still, I live in my own house, by myself. I have a part-time job (that I’ve had for three years) and a creative outlet. I’m not always happy, but I try to be.

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  2. gilalyallen said: The thing I respect (not most, but one of the several things) about you is you don’t let your disability define you. You just let it sit there and catch up as you live your life, or at least that’s how it seems. It’s wonderful.
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    You are not asking for empathy, simply acknowledgment. You were sharing and I offer my respect for the inherent bravery...
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